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The Art of Meditation

The practice of meditation creates a new pathway to self-learning and personality development. It is a state of consciousness with zero thoughts, the effects of which can be measured on an EEG. Meditation creates inner silence and peace.

I invite you to join me to learn more about Satya Meditation. It is an exciting journey – a joyous adventure through your inner space. You will learn how to master your nervous system and connect with the Universal Energy. Meditation unfolds the absolute truth or ‘Satya’. It is a great cleansing process that helps you  to detox from the negative toxins we collect during our interactions with others.

Meditation will add focus to your life. It will bring peace and tranquillity, and heal emotional problems. It will also heal your physical and financial problems.

The regular practice of meditation opens up your nerve centres by removing the blocks to your energy, and all the blocks in your life.

The Science of Meditation

The key to your enlightenment lies at the base of your spine. It is this powerful primordial energy in a 3½ coil format that kickstarts the moment you begin your Satya Meditation practice. As the energy rises through your body, it passes through 7 important nerve centres.

There are 3 pathways through which this energy can rise through the spinal cord to the brain. The left and right sympathetic channel and the central or parasympathetic channel.

This energy is dormant in most adults and remains at the base of the spine making one feel stressed and restless. The major cause of stress and anxiety disappears when our individual energy is connected to the Universal Energy. Once we activate our dormant energy through the practice of Satya Meditation we complete the energy circuit and receive our empowerment from the Universal Energy or Param Chaitanya.

You don’t have to become a monk or sell your Ferrari to achieve peace and self-enlightenment. My goal is to share this light, this knowledge. It is a gift from me to you, and for you to share with the world.

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