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Satya Meditation

In the fast-paced lives we lead today, stress has become too common an occurrence. We grapple with fears about finances, worry about our health, take on tensions about our family, and so much more. As the weight of these pressures increase we begin to seek answers and solutions from the outside, often at great personal cost.

The answer however is much closer to home. The answer is inside you.

The technology of facing your challenges is available at your fingertips and does not cost a penny. We invite you to experience Satya Meditation – a super-speed WiFi connection to your own inner energy.

In several paths a seeker has to embark upon a long, difficult journey of meditation, prayer or yoga before they experience even a glimpse of inner silence. However, with the Satya Meditation technique you will instantly experience a connection between yourself and the universe (also called Self Realisation) and enter into a state of consciousness where there are no thoughts. Simply put, Satya Meditation is a state of “thought-free awareness.”

Countless studies have shown that meditation promotes both physical and emotional healing. It allows us to dig deep within ourselves and experience our own power. Scientists too have measured specific physiological factors (heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory function, etc) during meditation and have scientifically proven that meditation relieves stress. Meditation, also helps to balance the endocrine system and brings about homeostasis or balance in the internal bodily systems.

Meditation has its roots in ancient societies and over the centuries has evolved into a structured practice. Derived from this is the completely scientific Satya Meditation technique developed and perfected by Villy Doctor that is easy to adopt by everyone, irrespective of age, gender or religion.

All the meditation and self-healing classes are offered freely. There are no charges for the courses and no person involved in its teaching receives any material remuneration. Please visit our Events section to find a meditation class or event near you, or contact us for more information on the Foundation and to customise a meditation programme especially for you.

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