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Why Meditate

Meditation and counseling are powerful ways to help extract people from the clutches of various types of depression, ailments and addictions. Just as you dispel the darkness in a room with the flip of a switch, Satya Meditation connects you to your inner light and empowers you to break old patterns of pain and suffering.

If you have question about why you should include Satya Meditation in your life, do consider these benefits of meditation:

  • Deep relaxation: Satya Meditation gives us the experience of thoughtless awareness; a state of profound silence and stillness which eventually permeates our lives. We begin to relax into this new way of being.
  • Good health and positive state of mind: Satya Meditation is a scientific way of cleansing our mind and body and people experience spontaneous healing as old blocks are released. The mind experiences a state of positivity and equilibrium, which is reflected in the body too.“Satya Meditation transformed my world from being stressful to beautiful. It freed my mind from its repetitive patterns of thinking, making me see everything in a new light. It made me more focused, confident and secure.” – Ms. Khyati Vyas
  • Balance the endocrine system: Satya Meditation balances the different nerve centers in the body which have a distinct relation to the physical organs and systems and in turn brings the systems into balance.
  • Healthier relationships: The practice of Satya Meditation helps to let go of limiting beliefs and we are able to experience and share unconditional love and acceptance.
  • Deeper understanding of oneself: We begin to experience our limitless potential and our true nature of oneness with all and stop identifying with our narrow limiting self-identity.
  • Self-healing
  • Greater focus and attention: As the mind becomes still, it becomes powerful. We are able to perceive our lives with greater clarity and cut through the endless mind chatter. When a lake is still we can see to its depths similarly when the mind is still we can access the depth of its power leading to greater focus.
  • Effective decision making skills: Satya Meditation helps us release the past and meet the present devoid old baggage and with a fresh perspective. We are also connected to our innate wisdom and guidance, which helps us to take decisions effectively.
  • Enhanced creativity and problem solving: As we meditate regularly, we access the source of creativity that lies within each one of us. Satya meditation helps us transcend our limited beliefs that cloud our judgment and we are then open to be able to see another’s point of view and bring peace and harmony to any situation.
  • Among children it helps improve concentration skills and calming down hyper active children: Children are pure and sensitive and immediately flourish with the Satya Meditation practice. Their mind becomes calm and they develop 3Cs – Concentration, Confidence and Competence.“I meditate and have taught my two children to meditate too. They have now started to meditate before exams and competitions and have experienced that it helps them perform better.” – Mrs. Shiraz Zack-Kanga
  • Coping with social pressures
  • Calm down hyperactive children
  • Improve concentration and memory
  • For senior citizens it helps maintain good health and a positive mind frame: Satya Meditation keeps the mind and body alert and agile as subtle blocks within us effortlessly dissolve.“I had lost all hope for life when my cardiologist told me that I only had a few months to live. With the help of meditation my health improved and my heart is completely normal now. I even have a cardiogram to prove it.” – Mr. Dhirendra Garg
  • Dealing with insecurities related to ageing
  • Self-healing and peace of mind
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